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Księgowość Polska is an accounting office established in Kraków and supporting entrepreneurs in conducting all kinds of business activities for over 15 years. We specialize in keeping accounting ledgers, revenue and expense ledger, HR and payroll services for Polish as well as foreign companies.
For our Clients we also provide assistance in running administrative errands.
Our offers covers support at all stages of business development, starting from consulting on the right choice of business form, through registration and further to current services.
We make sure that the Clients do not need to waste their precious time in authority offices and may focus on their business, therefore we represent them before the Tax Office, ZUS (Social Security Company), Town Authorities and Central Statistical Office within the scope of the services provided.
The potential of our company rests in the team of specialists comprising thoroughly educated, ambitious employees who are not afraid to undertake difficult challenges. They bring to our organization knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, new ideas and concepts. And they are the guarantee of high quality of services.
We listen carefully to our Clients and constantly adjust our offer to their specific needs.

Individual approach

We provide the highest quality of services thanks to our qualified, experienced stuff comprising of licensed accountants, HR and payroll specialists. The services are provided by a dedicated team which comprehensively manages the affairs of the Client. Such a solution ensures individual approach and enables direct communication with persons fully oriented in their affairs. The success of our Clients is our success. Therefore in our work we do our best to choose optimal solutions which allow to reduce the costs of the conducted business activities.

The services we provide cover:

Complete accounting services
Complete HR and payroll services
Outsourcing of accounting, HR and payroll departments
Registration of business entities
Providing the office address

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Client's Reviews

I appreciate Księgowość Polska for their thorough knowledge, very good communication, operational efficiency, willingness to solve problems – I have been collaborating directly with the HR and payroll department.

ksiegowosc polska w Krakowie

The company Księgowość Polska is distinguished by their rapid, reliable approach to the topics. Very good and friendly communication. Excellent employee availability. The employees’ willingness to learn new skills, accepting challenges at short, medium or long notice.

ksiegowosc polska w Krakowie

The company Księgowość Polska is distinguished by their competences, professionalism, cooperation, communication and excellent relations with employees.

ksiegowosc polska w Krakowie

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Experienced Team
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Individual approach

We are characterized by our experienced team and rich experience

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