Privacy statement

  1. The website collects automatically only the information contained in cookie files.
  2. Cookies are text files that are stored in the terminal device of the website user. Their purpose is to be used within the website. They include, above all, the name of the website of its origin, its unique number, the time of storage on the terminal device.
  3. Service operator, Księgowość Polska Sp. z o.o. S.K. ul. Ślusarska 9; 30-710 Kraków is an entity placing cookie files on the terminal device of the user and having access to them.
  4. Website service operator uses cookie files in order to:
  • adjust the website content to individual preferences of the user, above all they recognize his device to display the website according to its preferences;
  • prepare statistics which would help to recognize users’ preferences and behaviors, the analysis of this data is anonymous and makes it possible to adjust the site’s content and appearance in accordance with the current trends; the statistics are also used to assess the site’s popularity;
  • allow logging in to the website;
  • keep the logged in status of the user on each subsequent page of the site.
  1. The website uses two main kinds of cookie files – session and persistent. Session files are temporary, stored in the memory until the user leaves the website (switches to another website, logs out or closes the browser). Temporary files are stored in the user’s terminal device until they are removed by the user or for the time set in their settings.
  2. Users may change the settings of their browsers at any time to block the cookie files or keep obtaining the information on their location on the device each time. Other available options may be accessed in the settings of the internet browser. Please note that for most browsers the default is set to accept the cookie files in the terminal device.
  3. The Operator of the website informs that changing the settings of the user’s browser may limit the access to some functions of the website.
  4. Files (cookies) used by the website (stored in the user’s terminal device) may be shared with its partners or cooperating advertisers.
  5. Information on the settings of internet browsers is available in their menus (help) or on the websites of their producers.
  6. More detailed information on the files (cookies) is provided on the website